Hospice of the Good Shepherd, Chester

Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute

Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute



"The hospice engaged Paddy to advise on and support the charity’s capital appeal for £2.2 million for a new Day Therapy & Out-Patients Building. He started this work in liaison with the former chief executive and when I was appointed, Paddy came to see me even before I was in post to brief me and get my opinions on the future appeal fundraising.

Once I was in post, Paddy and I worked very well together, as we went through the preparation stage of the capital appeal and then into the private stage. His advice and direct support (he took on the role of Appeal Director) has been excellent. He built up very strong relationships with the key trustees and staff here at the hospice and this has built up trust and allowed us to work closely with him. He liaised direct with the likes of the lord-lieutenant and the bishop and used their contacts with skill and diplomacy, maximising on the connections we were able to make with key trusts, wealthy individuals and some companies.

His advice on trust applications and approaching wealthy people has been excellent – he even introduced us to a non-UK trust fund that has become the largest giver at £250,000.

As of this month we have raised 95% of the funds needed and are well on the way to raising the £2.2 million needed for the project.

We would not have done this without Paddy’s support and guidance. Furthermore he strikes the very difficult balance between having the professionalism of a consultant with the personal qualities that are necessary to gain the trust of clients and prospective donors.

I would recommend him to any charity considering his services."

CEO, Hospice of the Good Shepherd

Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute

Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute

Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute



“We engaged Paddy as a Fundraising Consultant to advise and support us with our £13m appeal to purchase specialist equipment for our Cambridge Centre. He immediately went about meeting with our Chair, some of the more relevant trustees, the CEO and some senior clinicians to gauge their contacts and connections. From this he put together a very impressive appeal committee made up of some serious high net-worth individuals (each of them worth between £25 million and £450 million). 

Using his skill, experience and some hard work he managed to procure £6 million from eight people to ensure that the appeal was ‘well on its way’ before handing over the reins to a new senior staff member in the Fundraising team – who subsequently completed the appeal on time and on budget. 

CRUK would not have been able to do this without Paddy’s expertise and advice. Furthermore, Paddy has people skills in abundance and has the right balance of managing to befriend someone and then end up with a large donation for the charity! 

I do not hesitate to recommend him.”

Director of Strategy, Cancer Research UK

Trinity Homelessness Centre, Winchester

Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute

Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford



“We needed to raise £2.6 million to build a day centre for homeless people and had no idea where to start when we met Paddy.  He soon sorted us out by systemising what we had to do. He learnt all about the charity and what we wanted to do, wrote out our ‘case for support’, helped us with the costings for the project and then worked with us laying out our capital appeal strategy. 

 I was particularly impressed by how he insisted on meeting some of the homeless people themselves on his own and chatting to them about their lives and their issues. He then helped us recruit the lord lieutenant as an appeal patron, a chairman for our appeal committee and then the other members of that committee. This was the cornerstone to the whole appeal and from that time, with Paddy’s advice, we were able to raise the appeal total and build the day centre.” 

Trustee, Trinity Homelessness Centre

Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford

Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford

Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford



“Paddy is helping us with our £21 million re-development appeal.  We have raised £14 million so far from statutory and similar bodies and Paddy is now showing us how to approach prospective major donors and how to maximise on trusts and foundations.  

We are impressed with how he is overseeing the fundraising department and how he is taking a lead on the activities while, at the same time, is transferring his skills and experience to the team.” 

Chair, RNCB..

Martin House Children's Hospice, Wetherby

Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford

Martin House Children's Hospice, Wetherby


“As the Chairman of Martin House I would have no hesitation in recommending Paddy most warmly.  He has helped us raise essential funds for our Teenage Unit by directing the appeal that has reached its £2.2 million target. Apart from being effective and knowledgeable he is actually, and perhaps more importantly, a sensitive and understanding individual and this affects the way he works. 

He has been most understanding in knowing when to keep a low profile and in dealing with Martin House he has respected the wishes of staff, parents and children.”

Chairman, Martin House Children's Hospice

Children's Air Ambulance, Coventry

Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford

Martin House Children's Hospice, Wetherby



"Paddy worked with us for a period of over a year. His methodology includes spending a good amount of his consultancy time actually with his clients and their prospects and with us there was no exception to this. He travelled up to us every fortnight for a two-day visit, staying in an inexpensive B&B, and was really part of the team at our Coventry offices. We did not feel at any time that he was distant at all.  In fact, with his laptop and mobile phone he was always available at the other times and very frequently travelled up for important networking and other meetings in between his regular fortnightly visits.

He worked well with the staff and volunteers and networked thoroughly - he even managed to recruit all the lord lieutenants for each of our five counties where we work. Furthermore he worked with us and was instrumental in recruiting the appeal chairman and asking and receiving from him a leading gift of £360,000.

I found Paddy to be very professional and hard working in his approach and he was totally focused on our needs. His efforts made a lasting impression on our fundraising by engaging donors with our staff and our objectives. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paddy to anyone needing fundraising help."

CEO, The Children's Air Ambulance 

St Mary's Church, Maidenhead

St Mary's Church, Maidenhead

St Mary's Church, Maidenhead



"Paddy gave me very helpful advice about our church and community project at  St Mary's Church, White Waltham, Maidenhead. We had to raise £497,000 for this high spec building in a conservation area in our churchyard..

Paddy and I discussed fund raising which included the different layers of appeals which would involve approaching

~ church members,

~ high profile local people

~ the immediate community

~ the Lottery

~ Landfill organisations

~ Trusts. 

He suggested we contacted local trusts, anyone we knew who was a Trustee and used the Directory of Grant Making Trusts to find trusts that fitted our profile.

In all cases it was important to write documents to send which had a clear brief of the project, its cost, what funds had been raised and how future funds would be raised. 

it was his enthusiasm for the project, his ease on handling matters, his expert advice and the opportunity for further discussions which made his input significant for us."

Trustee (Projects), St Mary's Church

St John's Church, Redhill

St Mary's Church, Maidenhead

St Mary's Church, Maidenhead



"When I first met with a group of people from St John’s Redhill to set about raising £2.000,000 for the construction of our new building we had some property to sell and some ideas on fundraising events but little more. 

I was introduced to Paddy Hunter Murphy who helped us in many ways:

· Paddy directed us in the writing of our “Case for Support” which clearly showed our project in the best light for people to support.

· Paddy trained some of us in making applications to trusts and foundations not just in the applications themselves but in researching those most likely to support us as well as the small things such as signing the applications in ink. 

· Paddy made us very aware of the need to have an Appeal Chairperson who would enthuse our congregation to support the cause. We quickly identified someone who Paddy and I met who has played a major part in our fundraising.

· Paddy worked with me in meeting with a major individual donor who has contributed in excess of £100,000

·  Paddy showed us the need for Appeal Patrons – people who could introduce us to Trustees of grant making bodies. Paddy was always willing to meet these people with us.

We have now raised circa £1.9 million which has come from sale of property (50%), Congregation and other personal gifts (25%), Grants from Trusts and Foundations (10%) Legacies (5%) Events and other misc donations (10%)."

Project Manager, St John's Church

Vauxhall City Farm, London

St Mary's Church, Maidenhead

St Saviour's Church, Sunbury



“When we had the opportunity to develop a £4 million scheme to enable the Farm to acquire an Education Centre and public café on our site, we called in Paddy to advise us on it. He immediately got to work on the voluntary income element of the scheme and, after unearthing a good number of well-connected people, we were able to make some private approaches to some of the prominent trusts and foundations and to some wealthy individuals. This was certainly the correct approach as we raised the funds we needed to build our wonderful facility.

Thank you Paddy for a job well done and we now look forward to a continued partnership with you as we raise the revenue funding for our new programmes to educate children and their families about healthy eating and lifestyles in an inner city environment.”

CEO, Vauxhall City Farm

St Saviour's Church, Sunbury

Chailey Heritage School, Hemel Hempstead

St Saviour's Church, Sunbury



“Working with Matthew on our capital project has been a great experience. He has helped us shape the project, has supported me in working with our community, and was a much valued and very popular member of our team.”

Vicar and Team Leader

Chailey Heritage School, Hemel Hempstead

Chailey Heritage School, Hemel Hempstead

Chailey Heritage School, Hemel Hempstead


"Matthew was a key member of our fundraising team for the Dream Centre project to build a £3.2 million sports and activity centre for children and young people with complex neurodisabilities.

He drafted and submitted trust applications (raising £2.5m of the £3.2m total), organised fundraising and supporter events, and met with a large number of potential donors. His expertise was undoubtedly a large factor in the success of the project, which was delivered on time and on budget. His cheerful and optimist personality made him a pleasure to work with during the three years he was attached to the project."

Development Director

Homelink Respite Day Centre, Hampton

Chailey Heritage School, Hemel Hempstead

Chailey Heritage School, Hemel Hempstead



“I just wanted to thank you both [Paddy and Heidi] for being at the launch of our brand new £1.2 million building yesterday. When we engaged you three years ago you embraced our project and our ethos and became part of our organisation believing passionately in Homelink and the service we provide. 

Starting with a £760,000 grant from the Department of Health and then with other grants and pledges we knew we would succeed with this appeal. Thank you for everything - we could not have got to where we are today without your help. We believe that we have been very lucky to find you and you have both proven your weight in gold."

CEO, Homelink

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