Pre-Appeal Readiness


We can take a good look at your charity and let you know if you're ready for a capital appeal. Can you prove the need? Do your trustees and senior people agree about the need for a capital appeal? Do you have the resources to undertake a capital appeal? Have you already engaged architects and do you have some good plans and images? Have you costed out the project in a professional way? How much capital appeals expertise and experience do you have within your organisation?

Preparatory Phase & Feasibility


We can begin the capital appeal by preparing carefully. Producing the case statement. and appeal brochure. Undertaking the donor research. Recruiting the appeal leaders. Sounding out the principal donors. 

When this has been completed we will have enough to write up a Feasibility Report to tell you if the appeal is heading in the right direction or not (and then advise accordingly).

Private & Public Phases


If we get the green light from the feasibility report then we can move on to the main Private Phase when we approach and ask donors of all kinds for their support. This is carried on in a 'quiet' way with personal meetings, lunches and sometimes even games of golf! The Private Phase is the most important part of the capital appeal and will bring in 70-80% of the total.

Once we are assured that the appeal will be successful, we then undertake the Public Phase with members of the public fundraising for the appeal. for the last 10-20%.